Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing

We commit to providing safe and supportive environments which nurture the wellbeing of all students and staff in our community, and hold firmly to the belief that they have a right to be safe, respected and valued in an inclusive environment. We know that when students are happy, they are more engaged with their learning.

Schools benefit from wellbeing initiatives and pastoral care support through Sydney Catholic Schools – in areas such as anti-bullying, positive behaviour, student counselling, refugee support and child protection – which range from universal support for all students, to targeted interventions for students with complex social and emotional needs.

Our School-wide Positive Behaviour for Learning (SPBL) program is at the centre of student wellbeing. At all times, we strive to ensure that there is a consistency of approach, which results in optimal learning opportunities for our students. Promoting wellbeing at school can substantially improve the social and emotional outcomes for our students. SPBL encourages students to reflect on their choices whilst reinforcing positive behaviours. We encourage the students to see a need and act positively, rewarding their efforts with Project Love Tokens. 

Our school expectations are:

  • We are Safe Learners
  • We are Kind and Respectful Learners
  • We are Responsible Learners

If your child is experiencing bullying of any kind, or you have a wellbeing concern, we have a number of support services available for parents/carers and students, as listed below.

Anti-bullying policy

Support services:

Contact information for our school: 

  • NSW School Liaison Police – Phone Number: 1300 362 562
  • Community Services Helpline – Phone Number: 133 627 
  • NSW Health – Phone Number: (02) 9391 9000
  • Parent Line NSW – Phone Number: 1300 1300 52
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